Brief History

The company has been active in the field since 1998, located in the Municipality of Hlioupoli, in Attiki, Greece. Its purpose is the construction and maintenance of electrical installations of all sizes, both in the private and public sector.


Our philosophy is to fully meet the customer’s needs in the whole range of electrical and automation applications. The list of our customers includes construction companies, engineering firms, architects, private companies as well as public sector enterprises. The experience and high technical competence of our staff guarantees high effectiveness, consistency and safety in the construction of electrical installations.


Since 2008, the company has been listed in the international list of KNX Partners of the KNX Association, a system that complies with the requirements of the European Union (EN50090) and the International Standards (ISO/IEC 14543) for Home Automation and certifies high quality of our products.


Our design tools include the AUTOCAD and SEE ELECTRICAL programs. In addition, the company owns the METREL HD384 accredited instrument for certification of electrical installations, the E6 FLIR infrared camera for infrared thermography of electrical panels and installations, as well as a series of specialized tools.


It would be of great pleasure for us to give us a chance to cooperate with you in the future, so as to prove the quality of our work in practice.


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