Residential Installations

Conventional electrical installations which include low and high voltage structure, as well as lighting design. Proper lighting design, combined with the right choice of light fixtures and right fitting, improves the function and aesthetics of a facility.


Commercial Installations

To meet the increased requirements of those specialized installations and therefore ensure the minimum possible energy consumption and the maximum safety, a high level of expertise is required.

Industrial Installations

These are electrical installations of which the largest proportion of the electric charge derives from machinery and equipment as electric motors, sophisticated electric switchboards and panels as well as low and medium voltage substations. The design and the implementation of these installations require a high level of expertise and broad experience.

Foundation Grounding Systems

Foundation grounding came into full force in March 2006 in accordance with the ELOT Standard HD-384 and is considered to be fundamental for the functional and protective earthing of new buildings. Α Foundation Grounding plan must precede the construction of the building and the installation of the system must be performed by qualified technical experts.

Structured Cabling Systems (data networks), Rack + Certifications

Structured cabling is the building of the cabling infrastructure of a local network and the specifications this should have. It is an important factor for future network extensions, rearrangements of structural elements and upgrade of the services provided.

PLC Automation

It refers to the standardization of a procedure through finding well-defined steps that must be followed to produce the desired outcome. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are used in order to synchronize the flow of inputs from physical sensors with the flow of commands to output devices.

ΚΝΧ Instabus

This is a decentralized data transfer and processing system for the flexible management and control of the functions of an electrical installation in residential or non-residential buildings. On a bus network you may connect all the active components of the system, i.e. sensors with their input or output devices. The network is created with a bipolar cable that connects the subscribers.With this system we invest in the creation of smart and functional buildings that can respond and adapt to any new need.

Security systems

A well-defined, complete alarm system provides thorough surveillance of a property, via closed circuits, both locally and remotely, through network communication.

Lightning protection installations

The installation of Lightning Protection Systems with the connection of grounding, equipotential bonding, down-conductors, and lightning rods is designed and accomplished after detailed assessment and evaluation of measurement results.

Thermographic inspection

Using thermographic cameras of infrared radiation we can reflect the heat distribution on surfaces such as industrial electric switchboards, machinery, and surface of buildings, as well as on buildings’ energy performance certification. This inspection is essential for detecting insulation faults and weak points of thermostatic chambers that need improvement.

Maintenance Services

Upon entering an annual or a biannual maintenance contract where all works are specified and scheduled in full detail, experienced licensed electricians of our company perform all the necessary maintenance work of electrical installations, always under the supervision of a Mechanical Electrical Engineer.

Issuance of Licensed Electrician’s Certificate (PPC Certificate)

We can provide you with the drafting and validation of a new Statutory Declaration of Licensed Electrician installer, measuring with certified instruments as required by ELOT HD -384 Standard, wiring diagram, monorail design of the switchgear and installation, if not available, of Residual Current Device.


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